Everything You Need to Protect Your Privacy and Keep Your Devices Safe from Hackers

With Cyber Privacy Suite, you don't need to purchase and learn multiple apps to prevent online tracking, stop malicious attempts to access your private information, or guard your devices from malware and viruses. All of the security features you could ever want and need are included.


"If you'd rather retain a modicum of privacy, you need a variety of solutions. That's the point of ShieldApps Cyber Privacy Suite. Among other things, it seeks out personal data in unprotected documents, actively foils online trackers, and protects your internet communication with a VPN."

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    Stop Prying Eyes & Ears

    Get extra protection from hackers seeking access to your devices' microphones and webcams.

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    Your Internet, Your Business

    Prevent your online activity from being tracked by both legal and malicious actors.

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    All-In-One Security

    Malware protection, password encryption, identity theft prevention. ShieldApps does it all.

Enterprise Level Protection for Everyday People

Not good with computers? ShieldApps Cyber Privacy Suite was designed with you in mind, but without the security compromises found in most consumer-level privacy apps. You'll enjoy the same protection as our thousands of business users.

Key Features

  • Identifies and blocks attempts to steal your logins and passwords in real time.
  • Scans for traces of your information on the internet and dark web so you can take action before it's too late.
  • Prevents tracking of your internet browsing and online behaviors.
  • Blocks unauthorized remote access to webcams and microphones.
  • Stops viruses, malware, and ransomware before they can corrupt your device or compromise your data.

The Truth is, There’s Really No Comparison

No other app or service provides the robust features and comprehensive protection of of Cyber Privacy Suite in a single solution. For a comparable price to other VPN/Privacy apps or Antivirus software, you'll get the features of both and much more.

Features Cyber Privacy Suite Standard VPN & Privacy Solutions Other Antivirus
Antivirus Check   Check
VPN Check Check  
Safe Browsing/ Real-Time Protection Check   Check
Anti-Tracking Check Check  
Anti-Fingerprinting Check Check  
Dark Web Scan Check    
Ad Blocker Check    
Login Detection & Encryption Check    
Personal Profile Protection Check    
Browsing Tracks Scanner Check    
Sensitive Documents Vault with Encryption Check    
Webcam Blocker Check   Check
Microphone Blocker Check    
Get Total Protection
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Full Benefits of Cyber Privacy Suite

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    Prevent ID Fingerprinting

    Safeguard your web habits and personal information from data miners & hackers.

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    Encrypt Logins

    Keep your logins and passwords safe from criminals in a secure digital vault.

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    Protect from Viruses

    Prevent your device from being compromised by malware, spyware, viruses, and ransomware.

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    Defend Webcam and Mics

    Stop hackers from seeing and hearing your private moments and conversations.

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    Identify Exposed Information

    Get notified when your identity is at risk due to exposed personal information.

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    Maintain Anonymity

    Use a fully secured VPN to conceal your location and browse the web anonymously.

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    Stop Unwanted Tracking

    Prevent cookies from being set in your browser that track your online habits & preferences.

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    Block Annoying Ads

    Get rid of banner ads that slow down and distract from your online experience.

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    Detect Sensitive Information

    Easily scan for files containing social security numbers, bank account information, and more.

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    Secure Important Documents

    Store financial and medical information with advanced encryption.

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    Protect Privacy in Real Time

    Detect and block online phishing schemes and other privacy risks before they occur.

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    Monitor the Dark Web

    Search for traces of your information after major data breaches.

Choose the Billing Plan That is Right for You

Pay month-to-month and cancel any time or enjoy big savings by paying up-front.


  • Month-to-Month


    Cancel Anytime

    • 3 Devices (add more for additional fee)
    • All Features Included
  • Annual Billing


    $107.88 $65.88

    • 3 Devices (add more for additional fee)
    • All Features Included
    3 Year Billing


    $323.64 $118.44

    • 3 Devices (add more for additional fee)
    • All Features Included